July 18 – July 21

Who: Incoming 6th – 8th Grade*
Early Bird: February 26 – March 28: $325
First Price Increase: March 29 – May 30: $395
Final Price Increase: May 31 – July 7: $450

*Incoming 9th grade students have a choice to attend M.S. or H.S. camp.



July 21 – July 24

Who: Incoming 9th* – Recently Graduated 12th Grade
Early Bird: February 26 – March 28: $325
First Price Increase: March 29 – May 30: $395
Final Price Increase: May 31 – July 7: $450

*Incoming 9th grade students have a choice to attend M.S. or H.S. camp.


The best week of summer

Clash Camp is the summer camp of the United Student Ministry at Grace Family Church. Clash Camp is created specifically for middle and high schoolers, with your student in mind. Between experiencing Christ through worship and engaging messages, to exciting War Games, and fun with friends, Clash Camp will be the best week of summer!


JULY 18 – JULY 21


Camp Kulaqua- High Springs, FL 23400 NW 212 Ave,
High Springs, FL 32643


JULY 21 – JULY 24

A $50 deposit will save your student’s spot, and you can pay the remaining balance with the monthly payment plan that occurs on the first of every month leading up to Clash Camp 2021.

donate to sponsor a student for Clash Camp 2021

Our heart is for every student to be able to attend Clash Camp 2021, and we cannot accomplish this without generous givers. Every donation means that more students can experience one of the biggest things we do all year. Not only does the scholarship fund help bridge the gap between what Grace Family Church invests in camp and what parents pay, helping to keep camp affordable for everyone, it also allows us to provide partial scholarships to students who would not be able to afford their enrollment. In 2019, over 275 students were able to experience camp because of generous donations.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am graduating this year, can I still attend Clash Camp?
Yes! Students who are graduating high school in May will be able to attend Summer Camp. There is an option to enroll as a graduating senior.
I am entering middle school next year, can I attend Clash Camp?
Yes! Rising 6th graders are able to attend our Middle School Camp.
If your student has special needs and you are interested in sending them to Clash Camp, please email us at clash@gfconline.com before enrolling your student. We would love to talk to you so we can see if we are able to accommodate your student. Where we work to make camp an environment that all students can experience and enjoy, Clash Camp is not always able to accommodate students who need one-on-one assistance, have extreme dietary restrictions, and have certain disabilities.
We will be having a Mandatory Parent Night on Wednesday, July 14, 2021 at the Van Dyke Campus.
If your student will be bringing any medications with them to Clash Camp we REQUIRE our “Medicine Distribution Paper” be turned in with the medicine on the day of departure. All medicine needs to be completely labeled with your student’s name and placed in a gallon Ziploc bag. The “Medicine Distribution Paper” can be printed at home and turned in, picked up at the parent meeting on Wednesday, July 14 or on the day of camp drop off.

Camp-Specific Questions


1. Counselor
2. Non-Emergency Campus Lead
Land O Lakes – Ally Richie: 727.641.5222
Van Dyke – Trudy Loots: 904.305.1912
Waters – Carina Lima: 813.817.0665
Temple Terrace – Pastor Christian Delgado: 813.696.9162
Ybor – Pastor Terrence Cole: 813.928.5385
South Tampa – Pastor Nate Richie: 813.585.8682
3. Emergency ONLY
4. Camp Kulaqua

  • Middle School drop off will be happening on the courtyard of the Van Dyke campus, at 6:30 AM on Sunday, July 18. Note: We cannot accommodate late arrivals.
  • High School drop off will be happening on the courtyard of the Van Dyke campus, at 7:30 AM on Wednesday, July 21. Note: We cannot accommodate early arrivals.
  • Camp Kulaqua features a full dining hall, which offers buffet-style meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Clash Camp Store will also be open during free time and late at night for campers to purchase snacks and drinks.
  • If your student has food allergies, please indicate this on the enrollment form. If your student has extreme food allergies, please email us at clash@gfconline.com so we can work with you directly to make sure we can accommodate your student.
Yes. We will have a security team at Clash Camp to ensure your students’ safety. Additionally, for every 5-9 students, there will be a group counselor. This group counselor has been background checked and interviewed by Grace Family Church staff.
Your student will need a physical Bible, sunscreen, bug spray, tennis shoes, change of clothes for 4 days, toiletries, towel, swimsuit, rain jacket/poncho, mask, journal and pen, and a sleeping bag. Please LABEL everything with your student’s name. A more comprehensive list will be provided through email following the parent meeting. Students will need spending money for Clash Camp 2021 merchandise and snacks in our camp store. We recommend $25 for the week. All other meals and drinks will be provided as a part of your Clash Camp enrollment. We recommend that you pack all of your student’s items in one wheeled luggage carrier or duffle bag. Whatever they bring, they are responsible for carrying.

Rules & Phone Policy

What is the dress code?
Our dress code rule is that if you can’t wear it to school, don’t wear it to Clash Camp. Please also bring comfortable clothes for recreational activities outside and a swimsuit. Ladies – please, only one-piece modest swimsuits or tankinis.
What should I leave at home?
Students are asked to leave phones, iPods, iPads, laptops, gaming consoles, skateboards, fireworks, pets & animals at home. Clash Camp is for building a better relationship with God, family, and friends.
What is the Clash Camp "No Phone" policy?

After much consideration and research we have decided to change our strategy this year at camp from cell phone restricted zones to no longer allowing phones, laptops, tablets, iPads and other electronics at camp. This means Clash Camp 2021 will be a cell phone-free camp for all students.

Our desire to help teens connect deeper with God and others supersedes the need to be connected digitally. We must at times disconnect to connect.

At Clash Camp we clear away the noise, clutter, and chaos from teens’ lives. We strive to create a framework for teens to process the gospel message together and alone. The reality is that our phones bring us closer to people who are far away but distance us from those sitting right next to us.

We strongly believe this will enhance the Clash Camp experience and provide a stronger community and a needed break from the devices that we all rely on so heavily each day.

What are the Clash Camp rules?
At the time of enrollment, parents and students are required to sign a Parent and Student Agreement, which includes all of the rules implemented at Clash Camp.

covid questions

Will students be required to wear masks?
Masks are optional for both students and staff at Clash Camp 2021.
What will student sleeping arrangements look like?
Students will sleep one to a bed* and will be required to bring their own sleeping bag.

*In the event that siblings are bunked together, they may share a bed.

What happens if a student has a fever or starts showing flu-like symptoms?
In the event that a student has a fever of 99.5 or higher, or starts showing flu-life symptoms, they will be quarantined until a parent can pick them up from Camp Kulaqua.
Will there be a limited number of enrollments for clash camp?
Yes, we will have a limit of 500 students for each camp. Enroll your student soon!
Will there be social distancing and limited activities at Clash Camp?
Camp Kulaqua has limited their building occupancy to 75%, we will be following suit in only allowing a limited number of students into areas like the cafeteria during meal times to allow for more distance between tables of 6, versus 10.
Will there be any additional cleaning procedures at clash camp?
Camp Kulaqua is taking extra precautions to eliminate the spread of germs by following strict cleaning procedures in between groups and in public areas such as the cafeteria, waterpark, gym, and bathrooms.

Financial Questions

Can I put down a deposit?
Yes! A $50 deposit is required to save your student’s spot. The remaining balance can be paid through our monthly payment plan. The payment plan occurs on the first of every month leading up to Clash Camp 2021.
What if I can’t afford Clash Camp?
One reason that we open Clash Camp enrollment early is so that you have the opportunity to space the payments out, leading up to Clash Camp. If you know you won’t be able to afford Clash Camp, even with a payment plan, you may be eligible for financial aid. Financial aid is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. We never want cost to be the reason a student can’t attend Clash Camp and we want to help.
Is there a sibling discount?
Yes! For each additional sibling, you will receive $30 off the current enrollment price.
Do you offer refunds?
Yes, up until June 30th all refunds needed will be honored. On July 1, all payments are non-refundable.
Do I need money at Clash Camp?
We will have snacks and merchandise available for purchase. While it is not necessary to send additional money, we recommend $25 for the week.

War Games

What is War Games?
War Games are our way of having a little bit of friendly competition. We will have two sessions of War Games, and the teams will have the opportunity to compete in outdoor recreational games to win points for their team.
How Can I earn points?
You can earn points for your team by playing war games, posting to instagram using the hashtag #clashcamp20
When do I find out my War Games Team?